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tesa EasySplice® – Process Improvement in Every Roll


The worldwide approved tesa EasySplice® assortment sets the benchmark for coldset,
heatset and rotogravure printers by making flying splice application faster, easier and more secure.

Product functions at a glance
Secure attachment of the top sheet of a new reel


Excellent tack and high shear resistance for reliable splicing


The splitting strip ensures a safe closure of the new reel during storage and acceleration
Precise opening of the new reel after contact


Integrated aluminum layer for reliable inductive detection of splice position and sorting out waste copies
Black backing for optical detection of splice position

With the invention of tesa EasySplice®, tesa has revolutionized operations in web based printing processes.



Attach the tape under the top layer of the reel.
Then remove the narrow part of the slit liner
On top:

Attach the top layer onto the ex- posed area of the tape.

Tear off the excess paper, follo- wing the line of the remaining section of the Liner.

Before accelerating the reel remove the lower part of the liner – a matter of seconds.
Problems with imperfect positioning of detection labels are a thing of the past. Integrated aluminum or black coverage over the full width of the splice, ensures reliable identification at the paster.
Furthermore, integrated aluminum enables an accurate recognition of each individual splice, saving you waste copies.

Conventional Splicing


Detection Labels For optical or inductive detection purposes. tesa® 51003 – Alu, tesa® 51005 – Black
Double-Sided Tapes High tack adhesive for high splice security.tesa® 51914 – repulpable, tesa® 53015 – non repulable
Butterflies Fully repulpable butterflies for secure closure of the top sheet. tesa® 54243 – notched,tesa® 54287 – two-legged
Split Labels Rated break point labels with adhesive free center area. tesa® 51016 – Straight Cut, tesa® 51017 – V-Cut



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